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Quality Service Value we have been striving for...

Since 1989s, Machine & Tools International

has been dealing with the export of Materials, Machine & Tools, Equipments, Spare Parts, food products, beverage and different kind of goods:

Our rich experiences and professional skills have guaranteed our products to be sold worldwide.

Quality, Service and Value is what we have been striving for these years. Our business was built with the support of our customers and friends, so providing our customers with the quality products and highest level of service will always be our first priority.

We are waiting for your joining us and would like to thank our friends for their continued loyalty and support. For you, our new customers, thank you for the opportunity you give us to win your business and your trust.

Machine and tools International will supply your goods at your named place of destination.
We will take the responsibilities for customs clearance in Bangladesh and delivery to your named place of destination
without any hassle for you.

Mr.Abdul Latif Shamrat, CEO
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