Our Team

Machine & Tools International LLC team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, mechanics and electricians plan, develop and manufacture our Hi-tec machines. This is possible mainly thanks to the close co-operation, with our customers and partners.

Machine & Tools International LLC team specialists works in the fields of project planning, construction, software development, installation and switch cabinet. They build Hi-tec machines and maintain our renowned high-quality standards of our solutions.

Mr. M. Hieronimus

MSC. Computer Science
Mechanical Technician

Am Pfarrtor 19, 71272 Renningen
Email: info@machine-tools-international.com
Mobile: +49-(0)17634304119
Fax: +49-7159401381

Mr. M.Abdullah

MSC (Mechanical Engineering)

15 Lipton Lane, Williston Park,
New York 11596, USA
Phone: +1 (646) 4348041
Email: info@machine-tools-international.com